Breaking Dawn is My Favorite Twilight Novel


My favorite Twilight novel used to be a close tie between Twilight and Breaking Dawn, but after re-reading the series I’ve decided that Breaking Dawn is by far my favorite. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. I really like getting Jacob’s perspective. Jacob is funny and an interesting character. I love the dynamic between him and Rosalie because they are always trying to get under each other’s skin and it is extremely entertaining.
  2. Edward no longer annoys me and I actually like him quite a bit. In my opinion, he has grown a lot since the first book.
  3. The relationships that are formed are adorable. I love that Seth and Edward are like brothers, Bella and Jacob are finally able to be best friends without the weirdness, and Jacob and Edward finally bond and become family. I think this is the main thing that I love about this book. No more relationship drama and fighting over Bella.
  4. You really get to see just how kind and thoughtful Carlisle and Esme are. Throughout the series we know this, but I think they (especially Esme) really shine in this one. They are very welcoming of Seth, Jacob, and Leah and want to provide them with everything they can. I like the scene where Esme says she left clothes for Leah that were freshly washed and she tried to touch them as little as possible to keep her scent off them. So thoughtful!
  5. Finally getting to know Seth Clearwater. He is in my top 3 favorite characters. He’s funny, adorable, and really sweet. I like that he doesn’t see the Cullens as enemies, or even different from him. He sees them as people and friends.

Out of all the vampire powers in this series, which one would you want? I think I would want either Jane’s, Kate’s, or Zafrina’s.

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