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The Phantom of the Opera Film (2004)

I have been swept into the magic of The Phantom of the Opera. It’s a tragic story of loneliness, unrequited love, obsession, and sacrifice. The story alone is beautiful and heartbreaking, but the addition of the musical score by Andrew Lloyd Webber heightens the drama and the emotion of the characters.

The phantom, forever alone and hardened by a lack of compassion from the world, wants nothing more than to be loved by the beautiful and charming Christine Daae, who he has helped to become a better singer. Christine is mesmerized by the phantom, but also fearful of the darkness that dwells within his soul. Where the phantom is darkness, Christine’s love is Raoul, her light and freedom. It’s a story of being trapped between two worlds and yearning for the light, and for love.

This film is magical. There are elegant costumes and breathtaking set designs – the scene when the phantom first takes Christine to his lair is dreamy and alluring with all of the gold and candlelight; it creates an enchanting atmosphere. The music of the film is incredibly rich and moving. The phantom’s powerful theme music perfectly fits his presence. With music like this, it is no surprise to me that the stage play has been so successful. The power of the score with the emotional lyrics creates an incredible combination.

And more than just the story, I think I also love this film because of the theatrical feel of it. I have an unrealistic dream of being a stage performer – I would love to dress in costumes and perform in musicals. This film has awakened that yearning inside me. Working on a film like this seems like such rewarding work. I am glad that Webber and the filmmakers brought this play to the big screen so more people could experience the wonderous world of The Phantom of the Opera.

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