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The Sun & Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

As someone who never reads poetry, this book was one I never gave much thought to – it just did not appeal to me. It was only recently that my interest was piqued thanks to a podcast. And while this book did not amaze me, the author did write many beautiful sentiments that gave me pause.

The author shares such personal thoughts, and I credit her for her bravery and vulnerability. She discusses heartbreak, grief, growth, and survival. There were many things I could not connect with, nor do I agree with her politics, however, the messages I did connect with were simple, but powerful. It was like she saw into my soul and knew how to perfectly form those feelings into words.

My favorite poem was this:

“what if there isn’t enough time to give her what she deserves do you think if i begged the sky hard enough my mother’s soul would return to me as my daughter so i can give her the comfort she gave me my whole life.”

I am glad I gave this book a chance, for I found a bit of magic in it.

Also, I did read her first poetry collection, Milk & Honey, and while I did appreciate her message behind it, I did not personally gain much from it.

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