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A Must Read | Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier

Contrary to what you might believe, if you’ve even heard of this book, this is not transphobic.

Actually, it is important.

I want everyone to read this book so everyone will be aware of what is actually happening with the transgender movement. It is dark.

The book focuses on the uptick in the number of girls identifying as transgender when historically gender dysphoria affected mostly boys and men. While there is a rise in trans boys there seems to be a decline in girls and women identifying as lesbian. Seem suspicious? The author explores possible reasons for this rise in trans identified girls.

The biggest takeaway for me as to why this is happening is because young people are being pushed into this identity from medical professionals, peers, and society. Instead of exploring why someone feels depressed, anxious, or gender dysphoric, the automatic response is to not question it and begin to affirm their identity and write a prescription for hormones. How did we get here? How is it okay to just right away begin medically changing a child’s body without any thought?

Worse still, parents are largely being left out of the conversation. Not only can students leave school to receive hormones without parental permission or even the parents’ knowledge, teens are encouraged to cut ties with parents who even question their new identity. To make matters worse, detransitioners and transgender individuals who oppose this movement are also silenced.

This book left a heaviness on my heart. It’s sad and horrifying. We are failing our children. We are failing them. They deserve better than this. Please read this book. This review does not do this book justice, but I had a hard time putting my feelings into words without rambling and I just really wanted to share it.

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