Audiobook Recommendations for Newbies


I have always been a bit lukewarm about audiobooks. I would listen to them here and there, but they generally needed to be really good for me to finish any. However, in the months of March and April I began to become obsessed with audiobooks. This is funny because I have the luxury of being able to listen to audiobooks at work, but could never really get into them. And then lo and behold I don’t work for two months because of the pandemic and that is when I get hooked. I can’t explain why.

I wanted to create this post to highlight some great audiobooks for beginner listeners from when I first started dipping my toes in to now actively seeking them out.

Murder Mystery

The Amory Ames Mysteries Series by Ashley Weaver – This is a light and fun murder mystery series following Amory Ames and her husband Milo. We first meet Amory and Milo in Murder at the Brightwell where we quickly learn that their marriage is in shambles. Solving a murder causes them to become closer once again and they continue to build their marriage throughout the series. The audiobooks are fantastic. Alison Larkin is the narrator and she does a great job creating a distinct voice for each character. It is very easy to follow along, even if you zone out for a minute. They aren’t terribly long either, which is another great bonus.


Winnie- the-Pooh: Volume 1 by A.A. Milne – This is a topnotch audiobook. It is the best produced audiobook I have listened to thus far. Peter Dennis is the narrator and he brings the stories alive. There are also sound effects so it sounds like you are standing in the forest with the characters. The different stories are sweet and funny – I laughed multiple times throughout.


When Women Ruled the World: Six Queens of Egypt by Kara Rooney – I love learning about ancient Egypt and Rooney’s books are really easy to get into. Rooney also narrates this book herself – I love when authors narrate their own books. This book centers around 6 women who ruled in Egypt over time despite female power being unwelcome.

Odd Birds by Ian Harding – I was surprised by how much I loved this book. Ian Harding starred in the TV series Pretty Little Liars, and this book chronicles his life and his love of birds. I really liked listening to Harding narrate the book because his voice is relaxing. There are a lot of amusing stories – I especially love the one about the jellyfish costume.

Young Adult

Geek Girl by Holly Smale – I listened to this a few years ago, so my memory of it isn’t great, but I do remember liking it a lot and loving the narrator. It was a very entertaining young adult book to listen to while working. It follows a nerdy girl who ventures into the world of modeling.

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella – It has been years since I listened to it, but I remember LOVING this audiobook. I knew I probably wouldn’t have liked the story as much if I had physically read the book. This would be a great option for someone just starting to try out audiobooks.

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