Review: Wild at Heart by K.A Tucker


Wild at Heart is the sequel to The Simple Wild. It follows Calla and Jonah as they navigate their lives together in Alaska after Calla decides to join him there. This sequel possessed so many of the elements I loved about The Simple Wild i.e. the descriptions of Alaska, the exploration of various types of relationships, and the banter between the main characters.

One thing that did differ for me was that Alaska felt like a dream when I read The Simple Wild; like, I was almost convinced I could live there. Wild at Heart was more of a reality check. Sure, there were still things that made me long for Alaska (and I still would love to visit), but the sequel showed the reality of living there, and I would not be able to handle it.

Of course, I loved witnessing Calla trying to adjust to her new life and find her place within it; it’s something most of us can certainly relate to, except for the trying to scare off bears and moose on a daily basis. Calla grew a lot during the course of the novel and her relationship with Jonah grew as well.

I found this book to be a satisfying sequel. I gave it the same rating as the first book at 4.5 stars. I was sad when it was over, but it left me with that same warm fuzzy feeling as the first one.

2 thoughts on “Review: Wild at Heart by K.A Tucker

  1. I’ve never read a book in a setting like you mentioned either maybe I should try. I have tried many books with an Indian background theme and they were pretty interesting, even for me.


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