A Reading Hiatus + Digital Decluttering

adiscoveryofwitchesIt all started last month when I couldn’t decide what I was in the mood to read; I had been reading The Goal by Elle Kennedy but then decided to pick up A Discovery of Witches and then in the midst of all that I also started reading The Queen’s Lady. I ended up finishing The Goal, but then I was left with two slow-paced, long books. Oh, also I read The Wizard of Oz because I really wanted to read at least on thing for the classicsathon.

So all of that made me fall into a reading slump. And honestly, I’ve been loving it. I decided to turn my reading slump into a reading hiatus and focus on other things I love to do.

I often put pressure on myself to read more. I push other hobbies to the side and only focus on reading. If I have time I always feel like I should be reading and I really want to get out of that headspace. I love to read, but there are a lot of other things I love to do and new things I want to work on improving, like knitting. I am very behind on movies and TV shows I want to watch and I’ve been wanting to learn the piano. I really wanted to focus on other hobbies this year, but I haven’t been letting myself, so I decided now is the time to do it.

Since on my break I have been casually reading Nancy Drew & the Secret of the Old clock while on my lunch break at work, only if I don’t have anything else I want to do. Other than that I’ve been catching up on Youtube, making progress on my scarf that I’ve been wanting to knit, and I have been decluttering my digital and physical space.

And I must say, digital decluttering is good for the soul. I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of people on youtube, I’ve been figuring out what podcasts I really want to listen to, I deleted instagram, and I cleared out my Netflix list to have only the things I really want to watch.

And I’ve also been thinking a lot about my blog. This is the longest I’ve ever had a blog and the most time and effort I’ve ever put into one and I love it. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, but I am thinking of possibly expanding into other things beyond books and talk more about life, movies & TV shows, and just other things I like which I think will also help me feel less pressure about reading.

So, how is your reading life going? Do you ever take reading breaks?


4 thoughts on “A Reading Hiatus + Digital Decluttering

  1. I totally feel you. I am currently not exactly taking a break from reading but I’m reading at a slower pace. It always happens this time of year. Some people might call it a slump but I just think it’s a way to recharge my batteries and spend some time doing other things I enjoy. Great post :))))


    1. Thank you! I think I also tend to slow down on my reading this time of year. I would like to focus on reading at a slower pace for next year and focus more on the quality of books and less on quantity.

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  2. Great to hear a reading hiatus is having such a positive effect. I think those of us who have a blog about books always feel we should be reading all the time. But like you I do take breaks and I sometimes do overdose on books. Doing a blog about more than one thing is definitely a good idea if you want to blog without the pressure (I do it after trying twice to run book-only blogs), not everyone reading a blog is always a fan of different topics but those that love reading your posts and love your style will always keep reading 😊. Hope you continue to feel good 😘😊


    1. Thank you! I have tried having a book blog multiple times and this is the first time it has stuck, but I have so many other interests that I would like to write about. Putting pressure on myself makes reading less fun and I hate that because I really love to read. Thank you again for your comment!

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