The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society Movie Review


This book is an all-time favorite. It’s a beautiful story with wonderful characters who feel like real people. It’s a book for book lovers and makes me wish we still wrote letters to each other instead of just texts and emails. I read it twice in a two week span, which I have never done before (not even with Twilight and I was completely obsessed with that book as a teenager). It’s because of how much I love the characters and I wish so much that there was more.

When I finished reading the book the first time I was really excited about the movie. I was hoping it would be like the book, which I know one should never do when going into a movie adaptation. And usually I am never bothered by adaptations that go in a different direction. But, sadly, I was slightly bothered with this one. Maybe it was because of just how much I care about this book that I wanted everything to be the exact same in the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not hate this movie; I did like it, but I was just left a little disappointed. There were some major changes that I did not like that I think took away from the story. There were a lot of characters taken out of the story altogether and a few with altered personalities. I can see why they made some of these changes. The movie added more drama and conflict to the story, but they also left out so many of my favorite parts! Overall, I don’t think the movie quite captured the feeling that the book gave me. And I think that is the biggest disappointment.

However, I really loved the actors. I think Lily James is perfect as Juliet and I especially like the actors who play Dawsey and Isola. Everyone fit their characters very well. And the setting was beautiful. I think this book would have been better as a miniseries, but oh well.

I rate this movie 3/5 stars. Will I re-watch? Yes. Maybe I’ll like it more the second time around. Or maybe I’ll like it less. Who knows?


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