Period Drama TV Shows I Love



  1. Victoria – This is an all-time favorite show for me. I love the acting, the settings, and the story. It follows the life of Queen Victoria – who reigned from 1837 to 1876 – and the lives of those around her, including her husband Albert and the palace staff.
  2. Reign – If you want historical accuracy this is not the show for you. But, if you can look past the little details and you love drama, mystery, romance (with lots of steam), and beautiful dresses then this might be right up your alley. The story follows Mary, Queen of Scots as she returns to the French Court where she is engaged to the future king Francis.
  3. North & South (miniseries) – Based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, this story is similar to Pride & Prejudice, but has a very different setting and some darker themes. If you love Jane Austen I think you will love this as well.
  4. Emma (miniseries) – I watched this for the first time last year and it instantly became my favorite adaptation of Jane Austen. I love the characters and the chemistry between the two main leads is fantastic. The dancing scene made me swoon. Also, Mr. Knightly is just really great.
  5. Kurt Seyit Ve Sura – This is a Turkish drama based on a book series. I haven’t read the books, but I have heard that the show is quite different from them. The books are based on real-life people and the show is a lot more dramatic than the original story and there are characters who were created just for the show. It’s a romance following a Turkish soldier and the daughter of Russian nobles. This show is VERY dramatic at times and has insta-love so it won’t be for you if you hate those things. I love the setting, especially the first few episodes and the actors do an amazing job.

Do you like historical dramas? What are some of your favorites?

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