My 2018 Reading Goals // The Results


I did not achieve all the reading goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, but I am fine with that since I had a great reading year anyway. My goals:

Read at least 2 Alice Hoffman books – Totally failed at this one. Maybe next year.

Re-read the Harry Potter series – I did start this one which I am really proud about. I am currently in the middle of the third book (which I’ve been “reading” since July) and I’d like to finish it either this month or next month.

Read Leigh Bardugo’s books – Didn’t achieve this one either. I really do want to read her books, I just never got around to them.

Read the Shadowhunters Chronicles – I did not make it past book one which happens every time I try to read this series. I may just have to give up on this goal since I don’t see it happening.

Read more – I am very proud of myself for this one! I read way more books this year than I ever have in my life. As I am typing this I am at a total of 65 books. The most I’ve ever read was last year at 50 books and that was a lot for me. I don’t see myself reading quite as much next year because I will be starting school and I’d like to focus on some other hobbies, too.

Did you set any reading goals for yourself? How did you do?

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