Werewolves Rule // 5 Thoughts on New Moon


When I first read New Moon (TEN years ago!), I was not the biggest fan. I wanted my Edward Cullen and he was not in most of it. But, this time I loved it for that reason. I love Jacob SO MUCH more than Edward. And more than Bella too actually. Jacob and his pack are fun characters to read about. I am excited to read the rest of the series just so I can get more time with them. While I was reading this book I had a lot of thoughts and these were the ones that stood out the most:

  1. I wish this series was about Bella and Jacob falling in love. While reading New Moon I noticed just how easygoing Jacob is whereas Edward is always very serious. Jacob is thoughtful and very observational and likes to have fun. I would pick him.
  2. Jacob is my favorite character. I am not sure who used to be my favorite. Maybe Edward or Alice? Charlie is a very close second. I would have loved to get more of Jacob’s POV in the other books instead of just the last one. It would have been nice just to get out of Bella’s head for a while.
  3. Bella needs a hobby. Or something. That’s what I kept thinking at the beginning of the book. She was saying how her life no longer had meaning without Edward and then toward the end she was thinking that she would rather die than lose him again. I just kept thinking ‘Girlfriend, you are being a bit dramatic.’ That is not healthy. Your happiness should not depend on another person, especially as much as her does.
  4. Bella should be able to become a vampire if she wants to. She doesn’t always have the best sense when it comes to this topic, like how at the end of the book she was ready to be turned right then and there at the Cullen house without really thinking about her parents, especially Charlie. But it is her life and Edward shouldn’t really have that much of a say in the matter. I think it is good to set up a timeline and all, but in the end it is her decision and not Edward’s.
  5. I really hate when Jacob calls Bella ‘honey’. Maybe it’s because I was picturing movie Jacob, but whenever he called her ‘honey’ it made me cringe. It just seemed so unnatural and weird for him to say it. Bella, honey. Blech!

I am enjoying this re-read so much! I have been wanting to do it for years, but always put it off. It’s an interesting experience to revisit something as an adult that you loved so much as a teenager. I’ve grown so much since then and it’s funny that I notice a lot of things now in the book that I hadn’t noticed before.

Thanks for reading!

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