The Lion + the Lamb // 5 Thoughts on Twilight

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I first read Twilight when I was a sophomore in high school. The movie was coming out and I began to hear about it everywhere. My friend let me borrow her copy of the book and I. Fell. In. Love. I became obsessed. I had never read a book before then that engrossed me as much Twilight. I got the rest of the series for Christmas and I devoured them. These books made me love reading more than I ever had before. I look back at that time in my life with such fondness. It is fun to really love something. And it is even better when your friends are equally obsessed with it.

Even though I was obsessed, I only read the entire series once and read Twilight twice. But I have always wanted to read the series again and I decided to try this month. I have just finished Twilight and plan on picking up New Moon next. It’s hard to review Twilight or even give it a star rating because I still love it, but not the same way I did when I was a teenager. So instead I wanted to share thoughts I had while reading.

  1. Charlie is a really amazing dad. I have always loved Charlie, but reading the book this time, I really noticed how caring and thoughtful he is. He bought Bella a truck, he put chains on her tires without saying anything, he offers to drive her to Seattle, and he always asks if she wants him to stay home so she isn’t alone. Bella doesn’t seem to realize how great he is.
  2. Edward isn’t … that interesting. I was Team Edward all the way when I first read Twilight. And then over time and after watching the movies over and over, I became Team Jacob. And I am still Team Jacob, though he still has some issues, but I like him way more than Edward. In Twilight, Bella and Edward fall in love so quickly and why? There were things that he said that if he wasn’t just being funny, were actually very mean. And we don’t really know much about him. Most of the time he is just talking about how bad he is for Bella and how if he was strong he would leave and blah blah blah. His good looks seem to be the only thing really going for him.
  3. I can’t wait to read New Moon. New Moon was my least favorite book in the series. but is my second favorite movie. I didn’t like it because there was hardly any Edward. But while reading Twilight I kept thinking how I couldn’t wait to read more about Jacob. But I feel sorry for him because Bella is always using him. She starting using him right after they reconnected at the beach.
  4. I want a book about Alice and Jasper before they were with the Cullens. I really like Jasper. I think he is kind and has an interesting backstory. Same goes for Alice. I would love to read their love story and their journey in joining the Cullen family.
  5. I don’t understand Bella’s obsessive love for Edward. Now this one has nothing to do with Edward really. I would still have the same thought even if she was obsessed with Jacob. This is something I don’t get with any fictional romance like theirs. Bella does love her parents, but she is willing to never see them again if she can spend forever with Edward. I don’t understand why in our society and in books, romantic love is placed above every other kind of love. If I was in Bella’s shoes I don’t think I would be able to give up my family to be a vampire.

I am so glad I re-read Twilight. Even though I do have some issues with it I still feel comforted by the story. When I had to switch schools in tenth grade, Twilight is what helped me during the transition. Like I said before, I will always love this series.



2 thoughts on “The Lion + the Lamb // 5 Thoughts on Twilight

    1. I just finished reading New Moon and I wish the entire series had just been about Bella and Jacob. He is my favorite character and I love his family and friends. And Bella always describes Edward as feeling like cold marble and I do not get the appeal of snuggling with someone who is that cold.


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