Currently Reading // Emma



I am “currently reading” a few books at the moment. The book I am actually focused on is Emma by Jane Austen.

I have always loved the film adaptations of her work, but have always been very intimidated by the books. I read Persuasion back in high school and that book just completely went over my head. But I just watched (and re-watched) the miniseries of Emma from 2009. It’s probably my favorite Jane Austen adaptation I’ve seen so far. And that made me want to pick up the book, so I’ve borrowed it from the digital library.

I’m surprised by how easily I fell into the story. I am only about 35% through it, but I am enjoying my time with it so much! So much so that I plan on buying myself a physical copy which I only do with books that I really love and could see myself reading again in the future. The story and the characters are really charming. They are all so different and each have their own unique quirk. I think I am a mixture of Mr. John Knightly and Mr. Woodhouse. That scene where everyone thought they would be trapped at the Weston’s because of the snow and John was really not happy about it was super relatable. That’s when I realized that I am him.

Do you read many classics? Do you have a favorite?


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