Review: Disco Deathtrap


It’s New Year’s Eve 1980, and the students of DeAngelo High School are lacing up their skates for the All-Night New Year’s Eve Lock-In at the Rollerville Roller Disco. Some of them just want to skate and


 dance the night away to the pounding disco music. Some want to pull a few pranks and have a few laughs. For others, like Dan Parsons, tonight is a chance to move on and forget about his ex-girlfriend, maybe even flirt with Denise, that cute girl behind the snack counter. It seems like nothing can go wrong.

But there’s a massive blizzard raging outside, thick snow and ice are piling up against all the doors. There are those rumors that Rollerville was built over part of the old graveyard next door, and someone out there is watching. Also, a strange homeless man in the parking lot says that tonight will be the start of the so-called “Year of Blood.”

A night of skating and fun is about to turn into a night of violence and bloody mayhem. Slasher fans rejoice, old school horror is back.

If you are a fan of classic slasher horror then this is the book for you! I had so much fun reading this and definitely did a lot of cringing. My favorite thing about this book is the fact that it takes place in a roller rink. I used to go roller skating all the time with my dad and sisters, so I clearly pictured that place as the setting for this book. Luckily, we never came face to face with a murderer. At least I hope not.

I love the writing and the author does such a great job setting the scene and creating great imagery. I pictured everything clearly in my head like I was watching a movie. There were moments that I found genuinely terrifying, especially toward the end. If you read this or have read this I would love to talk about it.


Do you have any slasher horror recommendations? 

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