It Only Took 6 Months, But…

I finally finished It! The It. The large monster of a book written by Stephen King. I actually read probably 35-40% of it and listened to the rest on my commute to and from work. I have a problem with huge books because I can lose interest in things very quickly even if I am enjoying it. I typically can’t binge-read series for this reason. So I knew that if I wanted to finish this book anytime soon that I needed to try listening to it instead. I loved the audiobook! I liked being able to actually hear Bill’s stutter and Ritchie’s voices and Pennywise instead of attempting them in my head.


I was already familiar with this story prior to reading because I have seen both the miniseries and the newest movie. I LOVE both versions! My favorite thing about this story is the friendship. That has always been what I have liked most. The characters are all so different with their own struggles, but they care and love each other so much. Even when they are older and had forgotten everything, once they were reunited it sparked the love that they still felt for each other.

But one downside I had with the book is due to its enormous size. There were parts that I hardly paid any attention to while listening because they bored me. I don’t typically like a lot of backstory unless it is directly about a character, so any history about Derry went in one ear and out the other.

I did love the writing. Every time I would pick it up to read, I would become engrossed by Stephen King’s words. He is a great storyteller with an eye for detail. This book has so many intricate little details that I always admire in books.

Overall,  it was a great experience, but I will say that I think I may prefer the miniseries and movie a little more. I know, I know. The book is always better than the movie, but I sometimes find that I like the movie a little more (or a lot in some cases) if I saw it before reading the book. My reason for this is because the miniseries gets more to the point quicker than the book. And because I just love the miniseries so dang much!

And finally, I have to say that Ben is by far my favorite member of the loser’s club. Do you have a favorite?


2 thoughts on “It Only Took 6 Months, But…

  1. I had to listen to It, too. And I agree with many of your points about the extra descriptions. I feel like King could benefit from his own advice and cut It by 10%.
    I also prefer the film and the miniseries, for the same reason – they edit out the stuff that doesn’t directly pertain to the story. And it helps that King is such a detailed writer that his work (usually) translates to the screen well.

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